Seven Years of Finances

Financing an entire town involves a number of funds. Those funds are maintained through property and other taxes.

The uses of the funds are specific and designated by state laws. The financial aspects of all public entities are transparent, and the State of Indiana has done a fine job in creating a central location from which to get these finances. This central location is called the Indiana Gateway

Gateway collects and provides access to information about how taxes and other public dollars are budgeted and spent by Indiana's local units of government. 

Here are seven years of Dayton's finances that have been downloaded from the Gateway and presented for ease of review in a single Excel document. Have a look and be sure to post questions here or on Facebook.

The property tax records for all parcels in Tippecanoe County are available to the public for review online, by map location or name or address and more. So, it is not too difficult to pull all 530-some parcels in Dayton into a spreadsheet and attach a Tableau dashboard to the data and then analyze the data. If you want to discuss how your property tax figures into this, call or message me, Dave Leininger, at 317-727-3351.

I'd enjoy meeting with a working group to create a standard set of analysis templates for use by anyone on Tableau Public with regularly-updated financial data as seen in the 7-years document, perhaps narrowed to a monthly grain.



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