Dayton Community Planning MeetingS


Collaborating with Dayton community residents, devise a comprehensive plan for land use and development solutions for the Town of Dayton.

Proposed process:

Teams of citizens thoroughly and objectively review one of 12 or more focused topics. Topics include economic development, grants, finance, infrastructure, buildings, faith, Historic District, town park, events, housing, public safety, and education. At the inaugural meeting on August 12, 2017, the following topics were added: Beautification and Sports.

Teams regularly present findings to the other teams. This allows feedback from such a peer review to be incorporated before presenting the findings as an advisement to the town council.

The topics are long term in nature. Expect team members to fade in and out of involvement. Expect team members to be fully engaged on a single topic. Being a team member in more than two teams is highly discouraged. Members should bring skills to the team.

Teams typically have a subset of topics within their focus, and printed or shared documents will be known by all. Self-assignment or team lead? Let’s find out.

From time to time, the Town Council should request any team to research an aspect of the topic that the team reviews. Example: Can the Public Safety team give an update on when we can expect a mini-medical clinic to be located at the interchange?

Deliverables in the form of documents, presentations, video, and audio will be donated to the Town of Dayton for consideration by the elected members of the Town Council when topics arise requiring their decisions. Meeting minutes from each team meeting will be available publicly.

The information is found here while the official Town of Dayton site undergoes a redesign and function update to facilitate administration and resident interaction. That update is expected to be implemented prior to 9/15/2017.