1.     Review initial meeting agenda

2.     Discuss Beautification and Events committees reports

3.     Discuss medical clinic


Ashley Stevenson, Dave Leininger, Kathy Ensminger, Lena Merkel, Lisa Stevenson, Ron Koehler, Susan Clawson


  • Health clinic / Minute-clinic

    • An organization that specializes in the business has been identified and will be contacted this month, reported Dave Leininger, working with Ron Merkel and Scott Swick, who were unable to attend.
  • Beautification

    • Sponsorships for period lighting and other ideas were discussed, including the note that SIA provided $1,000 to initiate the flag fund. Beyond sponsorship, grants may be available for some of the costs
    • Sponsorships/Grants for beautification could fund:
      • baskets, flowers, posts
      • Christmas trees in baskets
      • Clock tower
      • Dayton signage at E/W edges of town
      • Signs painted or affixed to the side of Town Hall

Team: Lisa Stevenson (leader), Lena Merkel, LaDonna Snyder, Kathy Ensminger, Ron Merkel


  • Events

    • Trick-or-Treat on Halloween Night at the Gazebo
    • Santa at the Gazebo, probably on the afternoon of the tree lighting
      • Who wants to wrap little gifts for the kids?
      • Do you have a reindeer that you bring to the gazebo for a  few hours on 12/18? Direct fee paid, of course.
    • Best Decorated House on December 18th! Details to follow.

Team: Lena Merkel (leader), Troy Anderson, Lisa Stevenson, Kathy Ensminger

  • Historic Areas

    • It was suggested that signs be added to posts on Walnut Street (Indiana 38) to note the Historic Neighborhood of Dayton
    • The Bush Cemetery, at the southeastern edge of Shady Lane (just south of 764 Shady Lane and north of the last house on Wesleyan Drive) is the final resting place of the town founder and a dozen or more others, noted Susan Clawson. Some birthdays date back into the 1700s. Discussion on a cast iron fence across a section, and cleaning out bushy growth, was led by Ron Koehler.  Discussion included reference to a needed call with Pam Crum, our Township Trustee for the holdings.

Team: Susan Clawson (leader), Ron Koehler, Ron Merkel, Troy Anderson, Scott Swick


  • Bulletin Board

    • Susan Clawson showed an example of a slat-based circle around a post as used on the Purdue campus. Discussion continued on providing a public notice board near the sidewalk, by the gazebo and across from the post office.
    • Ron Koehler showed a couple of examples from Batavia, IL-based KirbyBuilt’s catalog -
    • A place for posters is desired. Two examples noted are the DAR locating to Dayton and the annual Feast of the Hunters' Moon

The next meeting for DAYTON COMMUNITY PLANNING will be announced by September 18. Join us as we continue exploring topics that devise a comprehensive plan for future land use and development solutions for the Town of Dayton. All are welcome. There is no fee.