1. Introductions all around
  2. Brainstorm on growth: What types of business? Where should they locate?
  3. Prioritize ideas
  4. Establish teams
  5. Discuss near-term and long-term timelines
  6. Discuss involvement with Greater Lafayette Commerce as guide for economic growth in Dayton
  7. Determine a meeting schedule


  • Andrew Merkel, Ashley Stevenson, Dave Leininger, John Swick, Kathy Ensminger, LaDonna Snyder, Lena Merkel, Lisa Stevenson, Ron Koehler, Ron Merkel, Scott Swick, Scott Taylor, Susan Clawson, Troy Anderson  


Discussion on desired businesses in Dayton resulted this initial list:

  • Health clinic / Minute-clinic
  • Bank / Major bank ATM
  • Self-storage facility
  • Insurance agency
  • Antique shops (not flea markets - quality antiques)

Beyond commerce, these ideas were explored:

Plantings, hanging baskets, and period lighting beautify a town.
  • Beautification
    • It was noted that hanging baskets of flowers, banners, period lighting, and other ideas are desired. Grants may be available for some of the costs. It was noted that the flag fund and related banners are a fine start. Beautification also involves Town Cleanup, with help to be offered to townspeople who are overwhelmed with their circumstances.
    • Team: Lisa Stevenson (leader), Lena Merkel, LaDonna Snyder, Kathy Ensminger, Ron Merkel
  • Events
    • Many ideas have been proposed by townspeople over the years. Some take much more planning than others. The team will study and suggest timing for several events. Suggestions are Movie Nights, featuring projection on the east wall of the Town Hall (thanks for the idea, Tyrone), Trunk-or-Treat on Halloween Night in the Town Hall parking lot, and Santa at the Gazebo.
    • Team: Lena Merkel (leader), Troy Anderson, Lisa Stevenson, Kathy Ensminger
  • Historic Areas
    • Discussion ensued on where and how an historic shopping area can be supported while maintaining the historic district
    • Team: Susan Clawson (leader), Ron Koehler, Ron Merkel, Troy Anderson, Scott Swick
  • Greater Lafayette Commerce
    • Greater Lafayette Commerce is the leading area resource for professional networking, economic expansion, business assistance, downtown revitalization, and community development. We seek to increase intentional and direct interactions with members on economic development and growth.
    • Team: Dave Leininger (leader), Andrew Merkel, John Swick, Ron Merkel
  • Bulletin board
    • Posts are found on campus for notices. A physical bulletin board was suggested as an alternative to Facebook posts. Outdoors by the gazebo or inside of the Town Hall? Ron Koehler will investigate and provide suggestions.

The next meeting for DAYTON COMMUNITY PLANNING is September 9 at 9:00am at the Town Hall. Join us as we continue exploring topics that devise a comprehensive plan for land use and development solutions for the Town of Dayton.