This Day in Dayton, 5 March

The Paige family received a shock when the county surveyors began to work. The Paige family was informed that their land was part of Richardville Reserve, and they stood a chance of losing their improvements a second time. Paige determined to travel to Fort Wayne to make an attempt to buy the land from Chief Richardville. Paige and General John Tipton, the new Indian agent, set off for Fort Wayne, together with Tipton's aide from the War of 1812 and an Indian guide. Although the account suggests that Paige was successful, he never recorded a deed in his own name. His son Charles did enter land directly north of the Reserve boundary on February 16, 1825, however. And Paige continued to live in Sheffield Township until his death in 1830 at the age of 57.

Susan ClawsonComment