This Day in Dayton, 2 March

On March 2, 1823, James Page and his three sons arrived in Sheffield township, and located near the small Wyandot Indian village on the banks of the Wild Cat Creek. Already living there were two other white families who had arrived two weeks earlier. The Paiges lived in their wagon until a 10 by 20 foot cabin had been erected. Paige broke fifteen acres of prairie and began planting corn. He then returned to Strawtown for the rest of the family, taking the two oldest boys with him and leaving nine-year-old Phineas to protect the site and plant the rest of the corn. Phineas had three other white families and the Indians for company and aid, should he need it. The roads were nearly impassable, and it took James and his sons three or four weeks to make the round trip, but at last they returned with Hannah and the other children.

Susan ClawsonComment