This Day in Dayton, 12 February

In February 1987, the county started to plan road improvements to accommodate the auto plant and the eastern industrial corridor planned for SR 38 and nearby roads. On February 10, the Journal and Courier reported on applications to the state for money to redesign CR 500 E (moving it west to make it CR 475 E), CR 200 S (Haggerty Lane), and SR 38. In another article, Sue Scholer, one of the three county commissioners, was credited with saying that she “thinks state officials are convinced of the need for an alternate north-south corridor in the Dayton area.” Commissioner Bruce Osborn counseled patience, saying that the county still didn’t have a written commitment for money to do the work. Commissioner Eugene Moore was also concerned, although Lt. Gov. John Mutz had told him that the county would get the paperwork. Nevertheless, the commissioners were persuaded by Mark Davis, president of Greater Lafayette Progress Inc., to come up with the money for preliminary engineering work. A photo of trucks taking soil samples from the future site accompanied the article. A third article on 10 February 1987 highlighted the dilemma of Ed Patton, who had bought a house six months earlier that now appeard to be in the middle of the path for a new road. Chester Pendleton and others pointed out the projected plan to close Newcastle Road where it met SR 38 would reduce access to the southern part of the township, especially a concern for emergency vehicles. CR 475 is now part of Veterans Memorial Highway and part of the plan was to make it a four-lane road someday.

Susan ClawsonComment