This Day in Dayton, 9 February

In 1984, Dayton was one of two elementary schools in the Tippecanoe County School Corporation to try having fourth, fifth, and sixth graders do eight to ten minutes of vigorous physical activity of PE every day for a year. The other school was Klondike. Battle Ground and Hershey would be the control group without the trial program so that the outcomes could be compared. The exercises could be done in the classroom, gym, or outdoors. The trial was the idea of Anthony Annarino, professor of PE at Purdue, and Donald Corrigan, associate professor of PE at Purdue. Kenneth Koger, TSC superintendent, was quoted as saying the idea was interesting and he could see no downside to it, so it was decided to go with it. (“Daily PE classes approved for trial in Schools,” Journal and Courier, 10 February 1984, page 3)

Susan ClawsonComment