This Day in Dayton, 1 February

On February 1, 1872, the Courier reported that the political battle for the coming presidential election had begun. “Strange that so small a town as Dayton should furnish so many items of interest to the readers of the Courier. It can only be accounted for from the fact that the Daytonians are a live people.” Lingle attributes this quality to the “large number of Lafayette Couriers circulated among them.” Amidst disparaging remarks about the competing Democrat paper, Republican Lingle reports that Mrs. Norton Gun and her husband read both competing papers, and Mrs. Gun relies on the Courier to support her views. Republicans in Mulberry include “young Frantz,” who will vote for Grant in spite of the fact that his forefathers voted for the Democrat Jackson. Friday night, a week from “tomorrow,” making the date February 9, 1872, there is to be an exhibition by the two bands of Dayton at Bowers Church in Wea township. Van Burton will be on hand, “large as life and twice as natural.”

Susan ClawsonComment