This Day in Dayton, 31 January

Marilyn Parnell was postmaster at Dayton for 23 years. When she retired, at the end of January in 2006, the town honored her with a retirement party. Postmasters before Marilyn included Lola May Dixon, her immediate predecessor, and Earl Funk, who lived next door with his wife Marilyn. When Mr. Funk was the postmaster, the building was a small grocery store with the post office window in the back along with a few postal boxes. In Mr. Funks’s time, the mail was put up twice a day. There were chairs in the store where people sat while they got their mail. Later he closed his store, and the entire building was devoted to the post office.  By the time Marilyn retired there were more than 600 postal boxes. The retirement party was held in the Town Hall. (“Postmaster Retiring after 23 Years,” Journal and Courier, 31 January 2006)

Susan ClawsonComment