This Day in Dayton, 26 Dayton

Fire struck a Dayton business in January 2007. The building at 282 Delaware St. housing Wee Engineer Inc. was destroyed in the 1:45 pm fire. The fire was first discovered in the ceiling and was therefore difficult to contain. The Sheffield fire Department and a company from Lafayette worked for an hour to put it out. The fire burned items stored in the attic, primarily company records, files, and the phone system. Also in the building was “one of the company’s new ‘show pumper trucks’ … worth $155,000,” said owner Bob Parker. No one was hurt, and the building was insured. The cause was undetermined. A second, smaller building was untouched and could be used for a temporary office. (“Fire Devastates Plant in Dayton; No One Hurt,” Journal and Courier, 26 January 2007)

Susan ClawsonComment