This Day in Dayton, 23 January

A meeting was held in Dayton in January 1987 to address citizens’ concerns about the new auto plant set to open in 1989 west of Dayton. John Durham spoke: “I feel this plant was forced on us by the Lafayette area. I am opposed to this plant because no one thought about contacting us until they decided to build” it here. The town board President replied, “I don’t think anyone intended to leave us out while planning for this plant. I just don’t think they realized the impact it would have on us.” One concern was that lines for Dayton’s utilities that run along SR 38 might have to be moved. On the other hand, the town was looking into tapping into the Lafayette sewage and water system that would be extended out to the plant. The Town Board was researching the concerns and working with state and county officials to find solutions. Possible highway and railroad problems were also brought up. It was hoped that the State would agree to put in traffic lights and flashers and to lower the speed limit at the west edge of town. The Fire Department was concerned that increased train traffic would delay fire runs. (“Car Plant Concerns Voiced: Daytonians scrutinize effects on town utilities, safety,” Journal and Courier, 23 January 1987)

Susan ClawsonComment