This Day in Dayton, 21 January

About January 20, 1989, two articles in the local paper were devoted to Dayton. The first (“Dayton Expands with Sewer Plan”) explained the sewer project that was tearing up streets in town. Town Clerk-Treasurer Rita Hicks said the phone was ringing off the hook with questions about what was going on as the backhoes did their work. The second article (“On Call 24 Hours Every Day: Town Marshals are Enforcers, Counselors”) discussed the job of town marshal in local towns. Dayton’s town marshal, Rick Earhart, was pictured with his comments about the traffic increase brought by the Subaru-Isuzu Auto plant and the difficulties the job presents for family issues. Gene Oxley, executive director of the Indiana Town Marshal Association, and Sam White, Brookston Town Marshal, were also quoted. In the last year, the Town Marshal Association had sponsored five seminars for its members on topics such as crime scene management, money management, hostage situations, and sex crimes. The association also served as a resource so town marshals could consult each other and brainstorm to come up with solutions to common problems.

Susan ClawsonComment