This Day in Dayton, 20 January

A 1987 article about the changes the new Fuji-Isuzu auto plant will bring to Dayton yields some interesting facts. In 1987 the town had less than 1000 residents, only 200 more than the population 16 years earlier when the town incorporated (in 1970). The Town Board took time to explain town business to Boy Scouts to help them earn their citizenship badges. Board members also appeared in parades. The town board president, Ken Yost, if needed, would wash the windows in the town hall and do emergency repairs to the city’s sewer system. Now Yost and the town board were involved in planning how to handle the changes that the auto plant would bring. (“Dayton Official Wants Town to be Ready for Change,” Journal and Courier, 19 January 1987)

Susan ClawsonComment