This Day in Dayton, 19 January

As rumors about a car plant coming to the farm fields west of Dayton made the rounds, the Journal and Courier came to town to gauge the reaction of residents. Jerry Arvin, who was interviewed at his gas station at the corner of SR 38 and Republican Street, said it would “sure shake this town up.” The office of the gas station and the chairs next to the coffee machine and the cash register served as a local gathering spot. Arvin wagered it would create a need for a “larger, full-time fire department, more police protection, and a larger school.” It would also bring traffic problems. Town Board president Ken Yost said that the town hadn’t been contacted and the five-man board would take up the problem when the time came. “I’m a businessman, and I know that you can’t stop progress,” he went on. “I think some sort of business is going to come here, sometime … If a plant would come here, maybe we could get a new restaurant or motel. It sure would help the filling station’s business and the store.” (“Car Plant Chatter Nudges Sleepy Dayton,” Journal and Courier, 19 January 1986)

Susan ClawsonComment