This Day in Dayton, 29 September

The small settlement near a trading post that co-existed with their Indian neighbors had become a bustling small town with the trappings of modern society by 1873. The atmosphere of Dayton in 1873 is perhaps best expressed in this contemporary description, published in the Daily Journal on September 29, 1873. The Carriage factory was still on Walnut Street (State Road 38), and the Academy building on Pennsylvania Street was apparently vacant; the Academy having closed in 1872. Curiously, there is no mention of the Tower School, the new brick public high school that was certainly standing by this date, and all indications are that it opened in the spring of 1873. In spite of the questions it raises about details, the following item paints a delightful picture:

Through the courtesy of John Reynolds, the popular livery-man, we enjoyed the treat of a delightful drive to Dayton on Saturday. Our neighboring town is prospering finely and with the handsome Academy building, neat churches, and business-like display at F. S. Lentz’s Marble Works and M. H. Lentz’s Carriage Factory, has a most flourishing appearance. The splendid team placed at our disposal by Mr. R., added greatly to the pleasure of the excursion.

Susan ClawsonComment