This Day in Dayton, 23 September

“Growing Pains: Dayton Plans for Life after Isuzu” was the headline of a small article in the Journal and Courier on September 23, 1987. It seems the town and the board wanted to change as little about Dayton as possible, according to reporter Betsy Liley, who reported on a meeting of the town board and the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commision attended by about 65 residents of the town. Three options were presented, and the preferred option “featured a park, no industrial zones, and retail and highway-related commercial zones close to Interstate 65.” To protect Dayton’s image, a new north-south road [Yost Drive] was proposed as a buffer from development. Residents suggested keeping all commercial and industrial uses on the west side of the interstate and no multi-family residences. Some folks feared that changing the 1981 plan would just invite growth, but Rita Hicks, the Dayton clerk-treasurer, responded: “What our town board is saying is: ‘Let’s not have a free-for-all. Let’s have a planned development.’ The only thing we can do to protect ourselves is say ‘This is what we want it to look like.’”

Susan ClawsonComment