This Day in Dayton, 3 September

On September 3, 1985, the Journal and Courier reported that Mike Ricks, auditioning for "Hoosiers," had not been chosen when the field of 30 were narrowed down in the afternoonthe day before, September 2. The group of 30 played some basketball in the morning, then six were cut before the afternoon audition. Ricks was one who was cut. His father, Bob, reported that Mike and the family were a bit disappointed but were moving on with their lives. Mike would continue that fall at Wabash College, where he was a junior majoring in economics. He might get a chance to be in the movie as a player for another basketball team or as an extra, but would not want to miss a semester of school for a small part. He was looking forward to seeing the movie when it was released.

Susan ClawsonComment