This Day in Dayton, 18 September

On September 18, 1975, the radio announced the explosion over South Carolina of a B52 on a training run. One of those killed in the crash was Dayton’s Grady Rudolph. His death was commemorated in an article called “The Ol Hoosier Farmer” by Jim Jones, a former resident of Dayton. “Grady was a young fellow when we lived in little Dayton. He lived a few blocks from our place and was in our home often. I remember him as a tall, quiet young man, … one of the most pleasant, cheerful fellows you could meet. He was one of several bright boys who worked hard, studied hard and enjoyed life to the fullest. He and several other very likeable boys formed a rock band and we recorded them several times. They were good musicins who took their work seriously and enjoyed what they were doing: … Grady, Tom Yost, the Grimes brothers and others … [were often] in the living room of [our] old brick house on Indiana 38. Dayton, Indiana is … a bank, a couple churches, a funeral home, a restaurant, and not much else but for some wonderful Hoosier folks who were always glad to socialize, have a good time and be there if you needed a friend. … The world, Dayton, and Indiana were better places since Grady Rudolph was there.” (Thanks to Mike Grimes for a copy of this article.)

Susan ClawsonComment