This Day in Dayton, 8 August

The local militia that would form Company G of the 72nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry went into camp at Camp Tecumseh and held elections. On August 8, 1862, Company G elected Samuel Kirkpatrick as their captain. When he was shortly thereafter appointed major of the regiment, Adam Pinkerton (Clerk of Session of the Dayton Presbyterian Church) was elected captain. John Crick was elected first lieutenant and William R. Jewell, second lieutenant. Jacob Gladden, a man possessed of an adventurous spirit that had led him to the California gold fields and to South America, was one of four sergeants.

When Company I came into camp that August 1862, the men from Dayton got a pleasant surprise: among the Warren county men in the company was a familiar face. Rev. Jesse Hill had been pastor of the Dayton Methodist church from 1858 to 1860. Credited with helping to enlist the Warren county company, he was elected its captain. In September he would resign to accept the post of regimental chaplain (Jesse Wheeler; 1860 census; McGee).

Susan ClawsonComment