This Day in Dayton, 31 August

Lafayette National Bank announced in August 1983 that they were closing their branch in Dayton, located in the building erected in 1916 by the Bank of Dayton. Officials cited lack of foot traffic and high overhead as reasons for the closure.The safety deposit boxes, which dated to the original Dayton Bank, were removed from the Dayton branch and set up in the branch at the Tippecanoe Mall. The 1916 teller’s cages had been removed when LNB took over the building in 1964. The building was donated to the Town, partly to help the Dayton grocery, which was renting half of the building. The Town council was not happy about the closing and on August 30, the Journal and Courier reported the Town had sent a letter to Lafayette National protesting the closure. Businessmen in town were concerned that losing the bank would both inconvenience them and hurt their business. Elderly and disabled folks were unhappy to be forced to travel into Lafayette to conduct their banking. The final day for LNB nevertheless was September 30.

Susan ClawsonComment