This Day in Dayton, 26 August

Temperance meetings were big social occasions in the 19th century. On August 20, 1853, a Temperance Camp Meeting was to be held at Dayton, according to the Lafayette Courier of the day before. On August 17, 1872 (a Saturday) two Temperance clubs traveled from Lafayette to Dayton, one on horseback and the other in carriages. The town put on a meal for the visitors.

A grand line of procession was formed, headed by the [Dayton] band and our [illegible]. The principal streets were paraded, and then the column was marched to the School House Square [presumably the new Tower School] where a few evolutions were gone through.

Captain Carnahan spoke on behalf of the re-election of Grant and Wilson, and opposing Greeley and the “socalled Liberals.” A Grant and Wilson club was organized with twenty-five members from the town. The Lafayette contingent then returned home, where they were twice accosted by men in white hats—once at Oakland Hill and again at the Court House Square (Courier, Aug. 19-20, 1872).

Susan ClawsonComment