This Day in Dayton, 25 August

In August 1999, Jeff Parrott of the Journal and Courier interviewed Dayton Town Council president Max Brown in Parrott’s column called Q&A: A chat with a newsmaker. Dayton was getting the water system into operation, buying water from Lafayette and putting in the pipes to run it to homes. The town was also planning to double the size of the town hall after the grocery store closed. Asked about the new water system, Brown responded that people were glad to have it because the water table had changed and the water was full of iron and bad taste. Brown said future projects might include a sidewalk replacement project (splitting costs with home owners) and a water tower to assure good water pressure.  Asked about attitudes in town about growth, Brown said that “Everybody has mixed emotions about growing, but I think it’s inevitable. ... I think we need to try to control the growth of the town. ... the sucess of the town depends on the town council.”

Susan ClawsonComment