This Day in Dayton, 5 July

The first casualty lists from the Battle of Kenesaw Mountain had appeared in the Courier on June 29, 1864. On July 5, 1864, with the list still incomplete, two familiar names appeared: Capt. Charles Elliott and Capt. Absalom Kirkpatrick. The next day a more complete list was published. Sheffield county residents recognized the names of Capt. Charles Elliott and  his cousin Sergt. Scott Elliott from farms south of Dayton. Charles was the son of Samuel Elliott and his first wife Rebecca and raised by second wife Mary Shields Elliott. Sargent Scott Elliott was the son of Robert Elliott and his first wife Eliza and raised by second wife Jane Wallace Elliott. A monument to both stands on a hill in Dayton cemetery. Also on the list was J. B. Cole of Lauramie Township.

Some may also have known Capt. [Absalom] Kirkpatrick and his brother “Silas” (actually Cyrus) Kirkpatrick. The latter turned out to be incorrect, for on July 11, and again on July 15, it was reported that Cyrus was actually missing, and had been captured by the Confederates. Absalom and Cyrus, brothers from near West Point, may have been related to Samuel, James, and George Kirkpatrick of Sheffield and Wea townships. Absalom had led the charge for Co. G, just as Charles Elliott did for Co. A. When Absalom fell, his brother Cyrus stayed at his side after he was dead, and was captured when the 40th withdrew. He was taken to Andersonville prison. While the brothers were away, their sisters worked the fields and drove the reaper (1878 Atlas).

Susan ClawsonComment