This Day in Dayton, 3 August

On Wednesday, August 3, 1859, a tornado passed along Haggarty Lane. O. J. Bull watched its progress from his home. The noise of the whirlwind called his attention to it as it formed in the middle of Wildcat Prairie. The sound reminded him of the roar of artillery and the clattering of a train. It splintered the largest forest trees in its path. A house where James Foresman lived, thought to be owned by Thomas Royal, was lifted from its foundations and destroyed. Luckily the family were not at home. It passed behind the home of Mr. Rycraft, demolishing a smoke house, knocking over fences, and carrying off every moveable article. “The Rycrafts were at home, most of them sick in bed, but were not injured. A dam in Wildcat Creek was left almost dry. The whirlwind jumped the creek and destroyed the home of William Rizer, then went on to the homes of the Browning heirs, Vincent Dye, Charles Sterritt, William Snoddy, Mrs. Brand, and Mrs. J. H. Peters, where it did further damage. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Brand were the only ones injured” (Lafayette newspapers).


Susan ClawsonComment