This Day in Dayton, 26 July

The Lafayette paper announced a “monster basket meeting” for recruiting to be held on July 13, 1863 at Dayton, promising several able speakers. War feeling was running high following the news of Morgan’s crossing the Ohio. Among men reporting from Sheffield township were William Roseberry, Allen Lupton, and Josiah Baker (a young man working for William Royal). They served in the 108th Regiment, which saw service for six days. William Gladden, across the township line in Lauramie township, went to Indianapolis to volunteer, but was too late. While he was gone, his neighbor harvested his crops for him. One night a rumor spread through Dayton that Morgan was at Romney and heading this way. There was little sleep gotten in town that night as people waited at home or in groups. The townspeople felt helpless because few men remained in town who were able to fight. When morning came, the raiders had not arrived. Eventually ,to everyone’s great relief it became obvious that they were not coming (Helmrick, interview with Frances Favorite). After a battle on July 9, 1863 at Corydon, Morgan and his men went on to Salem, then veered east toward Cincinnati, where he was finally captured (sometime after July 20). There was little loss of life in Indiana, although there was considerable damage to property in the path of his raid. His men commandeered horses and generally helped themselves to whatever took their fancy from birdcages to chafing dishes (Terrell).

Susan ClawsonComment