This Day in Dayton, 25 July

July 1863 was a month filled with war action. The battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3) ended in a victory for Union forces under newly appointed Gen. Meade. Losses on both sides were enormous. On July 4, after a long siege, Vicksburg surrendered to Grant. Union fortunes were looking very good indeed. Back home in Tippecanoe, the Battle Ground county, June had seen several accounts of invasion in the papers. With the news of the fall of Vicksburg, the Courier called for a celebration, asking the citizens of Lafayette to light up their houses on the evening of July 8. “Let every house as far as possible be illuminated and the celebration be made worthy of the event.” The celebration was a success, and the festivities were reported the next day in the paper.

Susan ClawsonComment