This Day in Dayton, 23 July

Barely a month after his brother’s death in Missouri, Samuel Kirkpatrick and others began to raise another company which would form Company G of the 72nd Indiana. Recruiting began on July 11 under the direction of Samuel Kirkpatrick, Adam Pinkerton, John Crick, William R. Jewell, and others, and was concentrated at Dayton, Clark’s Hill, Stockwell, and Culver’s Station. Kirkpatrick and Pinkerton both enlisted this time. On July 14 a line in the Courier announced that there would be a war meeting at Dayton the following Thursday night. By July 15, the Courier noted that Samuel Kirkpatrick, former Warden of the Indiana State Prison North, had seventeen names, “all citizens of private worth and respectability,” on his list. A dozen young men enlisted at Stockwell on July 23, and on August 8 a meeting was held at Clark’s Hill.

Susan ClawsonComment