This Day in Dayton, 19 July

Town founder William Bush, as a Justice of the Peace, was a member of the county board of justices, the earliest form of county government. On July 8, 1826, Bush, with Levi Thornton, Stephen Kennedy, and John Russell, met at the home of James Brockman (in what is now Fairfield Township) for the first meeting of the board (later the county Board of Commissioners) of newly organized Tippecanoe County. Bush was elected president (Board of Justices Record, Vol. A, pp. 1-4, cited in Indiana Inventory 9). One of the early actions of the Board was to appoint three men to locate a road to the county limits connecting Lafayette to Crawfordsville. One of those appointed was Levi Dickson, who lived north of Dayton (Board of Justices Record, vol. 4, pp. 7, 20, cited in Indiana Inventory 13). This Board was also responsible for poor relief. Sometime later Bush was reimbursed $10.69 for “provisions” he furnished the family of J. Bolser when they were sick (vol. B, p. 53, in Indiana Inventory 15).

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