This Day in Dayton, 30 June

Sometimes, postmasters changed in June: in 1885, E. W.  Fairman became postmaster, remaining until May 1889. In June 1897, Lawrence Nicely became postmaster, holding the position until 1914. In June 1920 Arthur C. Crooks was appointed to follow Manuel Rentschler as postmaster, but declined to serve. Riley P. Ilgenfritz was named in November of that year. In June 1922 Joseph A. Crum became postmaster. When he moved Nicely’s store around the corner onto the side street, he installed the post office across the street in the interurban station on Walnut Street. While Crum was postmaster, the rural route that had run from Dayton was transfered to Lafayette. While the usual vehicle for rural route deliveries was a simple closed buggy, one carrier at Dayton is remembered to have made his deliveries on a motorcycle with a sidecar (Miles Biery and W. S. Nesbitt in Sesqui 77: The Dayton Book).

Susan ClawsonComment