This Day in Dayton, 28 June

On June 27, 1908, a play called A Woman’s Honor was performed in Dayton Hall, the old Presbyterian Church building that had been moved to the south side of South Street when the new brick building was erected in 1899. The proceeds were to be applied to payment on a piano for the local school. The cast was made up of Burton Sharpe, Joseph Sargent, Leo Delong, Wilson Brand, Van Taylor, Robert Warwick, Cortland Thompson, Bertha Rycraft, Bertha McBride, and Fleecie Shultz. Admission at the door was 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children. Advance reserved seats were on sale at Sharpe and Morris’s store for 25 cents. [Several things happened in different years on June 27. This is the second, and another will be featured tomorrow.]

Susan ClawsonComment