This Day in Dayton, 25 June

On June 25, 1998, the contents of the Dayton Grocery were auctioned off a few days after the store closed forever. Items to be sold included the remaining inventory, shelves and fixtures, and an old four-foot-tall safe. The safe had two compartments, and the top one could not be opened because the required keys and combination had been lost before the present owners bought the business. The safe was last used in 1964 by Cleo Rohler, who sold it when he sold the business that year. He was sure it was empty or at most contained some old letterhead. The building was owned by the town. which had its offices in the western half, while the grocery occupied the eastern half. The brick building was erected in 1916 for Rohler’s Grocery and the Dayton Bank. When new, the grocery included a meat market and walk-in freezers with lockers. The second floor originally housed the Odd Fellows Lodge, but had been vacant for years. The building was expected to be remodeled so the town hall could occupy the entire building.