This Day in Dayton, 2 June

On June 2, 1851, there appeared in the Lafayette Daily Courier the following ad:

P L A N K   R O A D  H O U S E

             Dayton, Ind.

T. Baker, having fitted up and furnished the above house for the purpose of accommodating those who may favor him with a call, feels confident he can meet the wishes of the weary traveller. But as he wishes the house to speak for itself, would only add that no pains or expense will be spared to render this house a peaceful home for his guests.

Good Stables, good hay and grain, and an attentive Ostler always on hand.

N.B. Pleasure parties served at shortest notice.

In another short paragraph elsewhere on the same day in the same paper, the editor warmly recommends the house (although the article doesn’t give the location, a later deed suggests it was on the corner of Conjunction and Walnut Streets, perhaps at the later location of the American House).

A third article, again in the Courier on June 2, 1851, announced a planned Sons of Temperance Celebration and the dedication of a new hall at Dayton. Mr. Thomas Baker, host of the Plank Road House, is to provide dinner for 600, and the West Point Band will play. Some ten divisions are expected, together with the Daughters and Cadets. There will also be a “procession.” On June 5, the dedication is reported to have taken place, with several divisions in attendance.

Susan ClawsonComment