This Day in Dayton, 5 May

Lincoln’s funeral train passed through Tippecanoe County on May 5, 1865, en route to Chicago before reaching its destination at his home in Springfield, Illinois, for burial. Although it was the middle of the night, crowds lined the tracks. With the bell tolling, the train passed through Clark’s Hill (2:40 A.M.), Stockwell (2:50), Culver’s Station (3:00), before traveling on to the Lafayette stations (the Junction at 3:30 and Lafayette at 3:35) and on to Battle Ground (3:55). Through Lafayette, where private residences and other buildings were illuminated and draped in mourning, it traveled at a speed of five miles per hour. A band played, men removed their hats, and men, women, and children fought tears as the train passed by. At Battle Ground bonfires were lit and about 300 people gathered to honor the President who had brought them through the war (J/C, 4/30/1949). No account has remained of the events at the Culver’s Station stop, but surely a similar scene took place there. Today Culver's Station is known as Crane Station and North Crane. It is on Newcastle Road at the township line between Sheffield and Wea Townships.