This Day in Dayton, 4 May

On May 4 in Dayton in the early 1980s, you could get a donut-burger in a restaurant by that name. A story in the Purdue EXPONENT on April 7, 1981, featured the Donut-Burger restaurant. Jack Green created and patented the sandwich by making a hole in the middle of both the hamburger and the bun. The hole allows the meat to cook from the inside out. He opened his restaurant in Dayton in December of 1979. His son, Clark, managed and cooked for that first restaurant. The business included several franchises and two wholesale outlets. At Dayton, an innovation was the addition of a small black and white television that customers could watch while eating. The restaurant was located in the former Standard Oil gas station on the corner where the liquor store now stands. Variations on the original included ham and cheese, pork tenderloin, and, for breakfast, sausage and biscuit, all with the hole in the middle.