This Day in Dayton, 30 May

Traditional Memorial Day: On May 30, 1873, the fallen veterans of Tippecanoe County were honored by strewing their graves in Lafayette’s Greenbush Cemetery with flowers. The Lafayette Journal published a list of names of those to be honored, which included men associated with Sheffield township:
War of 1812—Thomas Goldsberry
Black Hawk War 1832—Joseph Goldsberry
War of the Rebellion (AKA Civil War)—James Lupton

Three men buried in Dayton and Wyandot served in the War of 1812 and lived to tell about it: Joseph Rycraft; Peter Kellenberger; Samuel McGeorge.

Other men who died in war or as a result of wounds sustained in war and are buried in Dayton Cemetery or Wyandot Cemetery are:
Civil War: David Bush, Charles Elliott, Scott Elliott, George Roseberry, Winfield Steele; WW II: Ralph Anderson, Garland Packard, Harold Miller.

This list is not complete. I have other names, but the research is incomplete. Many other men served and came home.


Susan ClawsonComment