This Day in Dayton, 29 May

Lyman Lewis Dryer became postmaster at Dayton in May 1889. He held the office until July 1893. Dryer Street is named for him. Lewis Dryer was also an unofficial Dayton historian. Pretty much on his own from a young age, he worked as a farm hand and at other jobs until, in 1842, he reached the age of 18. He then went to Lafayette and apprenticed himself to learn the printing trade in the office of the Lafayette Journal. During the 1870s, with Wilbert Baker, he was co-editor of the Vidette, a newspaper published in Dayton for a few years. In the 1878 Atlas he is listed as dealer in groceries and provisions. He also had a carpenter shop on his lot, which was on the corner of Main Street and Dayton Road (then called Jackson Street).

Susan ClawsonComment