This Day in Dayton, 23 May

Billy Kellems drove his big rig semi-truck to Dayton on a Sunday afternoon in May 1992 to show it to some second-graders at Dayton Elementary. A nice spread in the Journal and Courier showed Kellems and some of the children. Students named included Emily Hayes, Adam Cornell, Dustin Ford, Tony Gochenour, and Kelly Stallard. During the year, students in Loralie Brose’s second grade classroom had written letters to Kellems, who participated in the program sponsored by Buddy Trucker International. In return, Kellems sent post cards and other souvenirs from around the country. The kids gained geography and math skills from the experience. Everyone enjoyed a picnic and a tour of the truck. A certificate was awarded to the best letterwriter, and little model semis were given to two boys with perfect attendance for the year.

Susan ClawsonComment