This Day in Dayton, 21 May

The Wildcat Association, Incorporated (incorp. 20 May 1963) circulated a flyer opposing the proposed Wildcat reservoir, also called the Lafayette Lake, claiming it was too costly, it would take too much farm land and too many dwellings, and remove taxable property from the tax rolls. It also asserted that the water said to be for recreation would in reality be used to augment the Wabash when it was low. It charged that water contaminated by sewage from towns like Kokomo might contaminate the underground Teays River, that the level would fluctuate to such an extent that the water could not be used for recreation, that erosion, water run-off, and sedimentation would fill the reservoir and defeat the plans for boating and swimming, that it would be swampy at the edges and produce mosquitoes, and that the proposed reservoir would encourage building in flood-prone areas. People were urged to write to Representative Earl Landgrebe, Senator Vance Hartke, and Senator Birch Bayh to oppose the project.

Susan ClawsonComment