This Day in Dayton, 3 May

On April 7, 1976 it was reported that “A citizen’s group from the Lafayette area, the Wildcat Creek Federation, went to Congress last week in a grass-roots attempt to prevent the Army Corps of Engineers from building an 11,000-acre reservoir on the Wildcat at an estimated cost of $90 million.  ... Although the preponderance of evidence demonstrates the Wildcat impoundment scheme is plagued by many economic and environmental liabilities, three congressmen from Indiana were busily engaged in pushing for the project. … The Wildcat Creek, or Lafayette reservoir as some call it, … would consume about 9,000 acres of farmland. It would destroy irreplaceable fish and wildlife habitats …. It would deprive local governments of vital property tax revenues as thousands of assessed acres are transferred into federal ownership. … The proponents … may hope to use the impoundment’s water as a supplement to fill the proposed Cross Wabash Canal during dry periods. … The stakes in the canal are 60 times greater… [and] would breed even more pernicious economic and environmental results” (from the Fort Wayne JOURNAL-GAZETTE of 7 April 1976).

-->(To fill days in May for which I have found no news, I will use items from April that I missed.)