This Day in Dayton, 18 May

In the wake of rumors of closing small town post offices, the Journal and Courier featured Dayton Postmaster Lola May Dixon in an article about how much small town folks liked their post offices. Ruth Dilden, assistant postmaster, was also mentioned. Both were pictured in the photo accompanying the article. It announced that later that year Lola May would retire (this would happen in September 1980). Lola reported that there were 96 postal boxes in Dayton when she started the job in 1954, and by 1980 there were 285 plus 10 to 15 general delivery boxes.

Dayton got its post office on April 19, 1831. The town at the time was named Fairfield. It had to change its name to get a post office, since there was another post office in the state by that name.

The last paragraph of the article contained a listing of the names of all the post offices in the county that have been discontinued with the closing dates, information surely provided by Lola May, who had obtained it for the town’s Sesquicentennial in 1977.

Susan ClawsonComment