This Day in Dayton, 12 May

Dayton Elementary school’s mini-economy plan was praised in April 1986 by the Indiana Department of Education. Second graders in classrooms taught by Janell Uerkwitz, Lonna Gunning Stucker, and Cindy Taylor participated in a store environment designed to teach them to manage their money, refine their counting skills, and learn responsibility. Students earned pretend money for neat papers, desks, and closets, then exchanged it for items they could “buy” at the store. Students named included Kendra Keiser, Brad Walker, Amber Fisher, and Amanda Greener. The article in the Journal and Courier pointed out that because of Indiana’s Primetime initiative, the classes were smaller than had been the case, with only 19 to 20 students each, making this teaching project possible.

Susan ClawsonComment