This Day in Dayton, 11 May

As plans for SIA unfolded, it became painfully obvious that a number of households in and around Dayton would be lost forever. Seven homes on the north side of SR 38 just east of the I65 interchange would be losing both front and back yard land that would leave their lots so small as to make them impossible to sell. About the same number to the west of the I65 interchange would be lost entirely to the auto plant along with a scattering of often historic homes all along SR 38 out to what is now Veterans Parkway. And a number of residents along Haggarty Lane would also be displaced by a utility project for the plant. All together, the town and community lost at least two dozen households. Change does not come without a price. On May 11, 1987, the Journal and Courier ran several stories about the situation. Names cited were William Modesitt, Beverly Clark, and (Junior) Bear. Would that there had been some way to move forward without the loss of the history and the residents. Jean and Junior Bear moved their home to Dayton Road south of Dayton. The other families sold their homes and moved away amid claims from those on Haggarty Lane that the compensation offered them was not really fair.

Susan ClawsonComment