This Day in Dayton, 1 May

May 1, 1853

In the spring of 1853 the papers were full of rumors of railroad projects. A line was projected from Covington, through Newtown and Pinhook (near Romney, in Tippecanoe County), to Dayton. On May 1, 1853, a meeting was held at Newtown to sell stock in the contemplated railroad, which was to intersect the projected Eel River Valley Road at or near Dayton. Over $40,000 in stock was subscribed and nine directors were elected, including Samuel Favorite of Dayton (Courier, May 11, 1853). Two days later the paper printed rumors that the Eel River Valley Road would not be built, which would doom the proposed Covington, Pin-Hook and Dayton Railroad. Indeed, the project never matured.