This Day in Dayton, 25 April

On April 25, 1863, this item appeared in the Lafayette newspaper:

                        Gravel Road

A meeting was held at the Elliott School House on the 22nd. inst, for the purpose of raising stock sufficient to McAdamize the old INDIANAPOLIS STATE ROAD [AKA US 52] from the Dayton gravel road, three miles from Lafayette, to Lauramie Creek, a distance of about 11 miles from this city. The proposed pike will pass though the rich farming lands of the Wild Cat Prairie in the south east portion of the country, by which means the trades and products of Clinton County will be brought to this city. There is no doubt but what it will be a good investment, as the increased trade it will bring to our market and the enhanced value it will add to the farms along the road can be readily perceived. McAdamizing involved covering a road with broken stone and stone dust and compacting it.

Susan ClawsonComment