This Day in Dayton, 24 December

On December 24, 1824, the land in Sheffield township was offered for sale at an auction at the Crawfordsville Land Office (Esarey). Those who had squatted now scrambled to put together enough money to buy their land or risk losing it to anyone who might buy it. Edward Burkhalter was tipped off by William Peter that another would try to buy his land. Peter loaned him the money to buy the land himself, and Burkhalter traveled all night on foot to reach Crawfordsville in time to buy his land (DeHart 1021, biog. of Edward Burkhalter). Though technically an auction, the bidding started at the government price of $1.25 an acre, and the crowd saw to it that squatters who were present and had the necessary amount were allowed to buy their own land (Heritage 75/76, Cox, Esarey). After this initial auction, land was sold over the counter for $1.25 an acre (Cox). It appears that the honor of being the first to enter land in Sheffield township goes to Luther Corbin, who entered a parcel of land bordering Richardville Reserve.

Susan ClawsonComment