This Day in Dayton, 9 November

On November 9, 1836, the Dayton Library Society was organized, meeting in the Presbyterian church but drawing members from the entire community. Forty-five men joined as charter members, subscribing for one share each, with Thomas J. Toole taking an additional share. The charge was two dollars per year. For this sum members could borrow books free of charge. Others in the community could also borrow books, but were charged 12 1/2 cents per book for one week or 25 cents per book for two weeks or more, with a two-book limit. A deposit equal to the value of the book was also required. Books were donated, deposited, and purchased especially for the library (a trip was planned to Cincinnati to buy books). The first officers were Thomas J. Toole, Alexander Rowan, James M. Pennell, Robert Alexander, Samuel Favorite, Felix Strother, J. W. Murray, and T. A. Taylor. Other members whose names have been mentioned in other connections in this work included Franklin, Charles, and Phineas Paige (sons of James and Hannah Paige), David Gregory, John Robeson, James Carnahan, William Bush and his sons Jared and David Bush, Samuel Elliott, David Haggarty, Aaron Staley, and Robert Bull (Yost, 150 Years).

Susan ClawsonComment