This Day in Dayton, 7 November

November is the time for elections, in Dayton as well as elsewhere. I haven’t collected articles on all the elections, but here are those I have in my file.

In 1983, parties appeared for the first time in Dayton, when a number of candidates ran as Republicans. The votes reported, with winners in capital letters, were:

  • Clerk-Treasurer: RITA HICKS (C) 146; Janice Tripp (R) 81; JoRita Milikan (I) 67.
  • 1st Ward: Glen Michael (C) 92, MICHAEL BOAS (R) 177.
  • 2nd Ward: KENNETH YOST (C) 157, Stephen Yost (R) 69, Jeffery Taylor (I) 66.
  • 3rd Ward: BETTY WINSTEAD (C) 170, Phillip Leighty (I) 81.
  • 4th Ward: HARRIS HINE (C) 142, Crystal Brehmer (R) 120.
  • 5th Ward: Ralph Vanderkolk (C) 124, JOHN McDOWELL (R) 140.
  • Code: Citizens (C), Republican (R), Independent (I)

Sometime in the late 1990s, LADONNA SNYDER was elected Town Clerk. I don’t have a clipping from this election, so I can’t list who the town board members were. At some point the wards were reduced from five to three with two at-large seats.

Susan ClawsonComment