This Day in Dayton, 14 November

The earliest schools at Wyandotte (south of Dayton along Wyandotte Road) were subscription schools taught in the home of the teacher. The first district school dates from a deed dated November 14, 1851 (recorded 13 March 1852), by which George and Catherine Bausman deeded a small tract of land to “School District 3” (later district 5), with the provision that a fence around the tract be erected and maintained. When the tract was no longer used as a school, it was to revert to the owners. Isreal Hatton, in his history of Wyandotte (Mulberry Reporter) reports that the first school house at Wyandotte was a frame building constructed west of Wyandotte on the south side of the road about 150 feet west of the brow of the hill and the intersection with Dayton Road. The 1866 map locates it there. A school built in the 1850s often resembled the one in the picture above (from Brainard Hooker’s 1916 history of Tippecanoe County Schools). The district schools usually had all grades in one room taught by a single teacher. The teacher may have been “boarded around,” meaning he stayed with several different families for about a month at a time as part of his salary.

Susan ClawsonComment