This Day in Dayton, 13 November

In 1861, men were being recruited for the 40th Regt. Indiana Volunteer Infantry. On November 11, 1861, the men of the 40th Regt. took part in the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Battle of Tippecanoe at Battle Ground. Dressed in their uniforms, they performed military drills for the crowd and took the opportunity to recruit as well (Kriebel, 6 July 1986, J/C). On November 13, John S. Williams announced in the Courier that he had decided to raise a company for the 40th, and that he would speak at Dayton on Saturday, November 16, and in the days following at Ohl Mill in Perry township, at Americus, West Point, and Romney, and at Polk White’s grocery in Wabash township, and later at Pine Village in Warren County.

Susan ClawsonComment